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My husband and I were shopping for a vehicle. On Saturday, July 28th we were walking down Riverside drive and a sales person at Roseville Motorsports flagged us down.

Said, he had a wonderful deal for us. He showed us a 1999 Lexus GS 300. We purchased the car. After we took the vehicle home, we noticed the oil was leaking from the car and the check engine light came on.

We took the car to our mechanic. He advised us that the was so much oil leaking that he could not tell where the leak was coming from. Also, there was the house to the gas vaccum hose needed to be placed. Lastly, that the 2 back tires were bald and thread was showing and they needed to be replaced immediatly.

Called the dealership and spoke with our sales rep. He said, what time we were dropping off the car. I told him I need to spk with my husband and I will call him the next day to let him know what time we were dropping off the car. Called the next day, left a message on the voice mail.

No one called me back. Two day passed by I left numerous message and received no call back. So, I called again on Monday Morning and my sale rep answered the phone. He became very agrumentive and would not take responsible for not call me back.

He said, he will have the owner call me back. No one called back. Afterwork, my husband and I went to the dealership. I spoke with supposely the owner's mom.

She said, to bring the car back and they will take car of the problem. At this point, I don't believe that they will fix the vehicle. So, my husband and I took the vehicle and and the engine pressured cleaned. Took it back to our mechanic so he could find the the oil leak.

Our proper inspection from our mechanic.. he advised that there are 3 major oil leaks that needs to be fix immediately. The oil leaks our pre existing and you can tell that there was previous patch work done. Total cost to repair leaks $1300.00...

cost to replace vaccum hose $160.00. Took the vehicle to have the tires check. They advised that the front two tires always needed to be place. Total cost to replace tire $1057.00.

I called the dealers and advised them of the final assessements. The sale rep said he have the owner call me back. Later that day, I received a call from Sam ( the owner ) who said that they will fix the problem. Again, after work my husband and I went back to the dealership...

Sam prepared a Due Bill stating all repairs will be fix, also, extended the remaining down payment because my husband and I are currently renting a vehical, we both signed stating that he would take care of the repairs. My husband dropped of the car the next day. Two hours later, I received call from the dealership stating that they will not repair the car, they have rescinded this transaction and i can come and pick up my deposit. We were in shock, because we had been approved by the Lender.

I called the Lender and they advised that they dealership called and said that they did not want to work with me and they wiill refund our deposit. WHAT THE ***!!!!! If this loan has funded. How can the Lender allow them to take back the car when they is a dispute about the repairs.

THIS DEALERSHIP IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! Out of coureousity... I drove by two days later... low and behold the 1999 Lexus GS 300 is on the lot for sale.

My mechanics is the engine has to be taken completely appart to fix the problem. It is at least a 9 hours job. This *** is going to sale this vehicle to someone else without even disclosing or correcting the problem.

I have filed even complaint I can possible file and I will be taken this *** to court. They have messed with the wrong customer....

Review about: Roseville Honda Motorsports Repair.

Monetary Loss: $762.

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